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ThermaLift Neck Massager

ThermaLift Neck Massager

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The Thermal Neck Lifting and Massager is a color light beauty instrument that can clean skin, EMS care, warm moisturize, and integrate positive ions + negative ions + high frequency vibration + red light + blue light + green light in the Beauty Device for Woman. Using the principle of positive and negative charge ions to attract each other, the deep pores and dirt are exported through biological current and thoroughly cleaned; The beauty ingredients are penetrated into the bottom of the muscle by ion introduction. Use mechanical vibration and voltage stimulation to make human skin tighten, increase its own elasticity, and increase collagen regeneration to achieve firming, lifting and wrinkle removal effects. LED phototherapy uses different wavelengths of colored light to deeply cleanse the skin, tighten pores, smooth fine lines, brighten skin tone, relieve acne inflammation and acne scars.


Package List:
1 x Neck Massager
1 x USB Cable
1 x English Manual
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