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Poly Acrylic Gel: 15ML UV Gel for Nail Extension - 38 Colors

Poly Acrylic Gel: 15ML UV Gel for Nail Extension - 38 Colors

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"Introducing Our Poly Nail Gel Kit: Achieve Gorgeous, Long-Lasting Nails with Ease!

1. Enjoy chip-free, smudge-free nails that last up to 2-3 weeks with proper application.
2. Perfect gift suitable for all ages.
3. Ideal for both personal DIY nail art and professional salon use.
4. Made of non-toxic, harmless ingredients with minimal smell and superior color and shine resistance.
5. Requires base and top coat, slip solutions (optional), and curing under UV/LED nail lamp for optimal results.
6. Mix and match diamond colors to stand out and radiate glamour, perfect for any occasion.
7. Package includes: 4 pcs poly nail gel set, base coat, and top coat.

Tips for Long-Lasting Wear:
1. Prepare nails by removing excess skin and dust before applying base coat.
2. Allow each layer of nail gel to fully dry before applying the next.
3. Avoid using nails to open hard objects to prevent wear.
4. Thickening in winter is normal due to temperature changes.
5. Squeeze crystal glue from the end in colder temperatures.

How to Use:
1. Polish nails using a sponge.
2. Apply a thin base coat and cure under LED lamp (60s) or UV lamp (90s).
3. Apply poly nail gel on nail model, smoothing with nail art pen and slip solution.
4. Apply to nails and cure under lamp.
5. Remove fake nail tip, shape, and polish.
6. Apply top coat and cure under lamp.
7. Design nails as desired.

How to Remove:
1. File nail surface.
2. Wrap in remover wraps for 5 mins.
3. Use cuticle peeler and apply nutrient oil.

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