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4 Piece Beard Growth Kit

4 Piece Beard Growth Kit

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Introducing our comprehensive Beard Growth Activation Set, meticulously crafted to revolutionize your grooming routine and unlock the full potential of your facial hair. This all-inclusive package includes:

Activator Serum (30ml) - Formulated to stimulate facial hair growth and enhance serum absorption, our Activator Serum is enriched with a potent blend of nourishing ingredients to nourish hair follicles and promote new growth.

Disinfectant (15ml) - Ensure optimal hygiene and safety with our specially formulated disinfectant spray, designed to sanitize the micro needles of the derma roller before each use.

Derma Roller - Featuring 540 titanium alloy needles at a length of 0.25mm, our derma roller creates thousands of microscopic channels to boost blood circulation and enhance the absorption of active ingredients for maximum effectiveness.

Comb - Crafted from premium wood, our beard comb not only helps to massage and style your facial hair but also promotes epidermal activation and optimal absorption of hair follicles.


  • Activate Facial Hair Growth
  • Promote Beard Growth
  • Maximally Serum Absorption

Experience the ultimate grooming experience with our easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Disinfect the derma roller by spraying with sanitizer and allowing it to dry for 20 seconds.
  2. Apply the Activator Serum to the desired area and gently roll the derma roller back and forth approximately 10 times.
  3. Follow up with the beard comb to massage and style, promoting further activation and absorption.


  • Beard Growth Oil: 30ml
  • Beard & Mustache Balm: 60g
  • Micro Needle Roller: Titanium alloy, 540 needles, 0.25mm length, 13.5cm total length
  • Wood Comb: Approx. 10*5.8cm
  • Drawstring Bag: Approx. 18*13cm

Unlock the full potential of your beard with our Beard Growth Activation Set, where innovation meets efficacy for a groomed and flourishing beard like never before.

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